to individual buyers:

it's gonna be a little while until i can set up paypal links on the catalog page. for now you can send paypal payments to: teenaction DOT records AT gmail DOT com

make sure to state what you're ordering in the message, and you should probably e-mail first as quantities are limited.

if you have a special order, or wish to send a money order, make sure to email to make arrangements first.

to bands:

we frequently release comps and trade with other artists, so if you're familiar with our releases and think we might get along feel free to say hi.



to press & radio:

if there is a release/band you want to help promote, please write us. we are happy to get promo stuff to those knowing what they want and why they want it.

to stores/distros:

we're always looking for new outlets to help get our music to the people that want it, so get in touch.